Below are some examples of our work. Click on the pictures to check out our videos.

2008 C6 LS3
Vengeance Cam Kit/A&A Supercharger
Full Pfadt Suspension/AP Racing Brakes

2010 Camaro
HPE 550 car upgraded/modified
Racing TVS 2300/Vengeance Custom Spec Camshaft
ARH Longtube system

Magnum GTO
9.39 @ 147.5MPH

Vengeance Racing Stage II LS3 Camshaft at idle

Short WOT Rip on 611/540 G8 GT by Customer

Vengeance built G8 GT 611RWHP/540RWTQ

2010 Camaro Drivability Video

Vengeance Racing Stage III Camshaft Idle Clip 2009 C6

C6 LS3 Stage III Camshaft Drivability Video

LS3 C6 Idle/WOT Clip

2010 HPE 550 modified by Vengeance WOT pass from outside

2010 Camaro Drivability Video

2010 Camaro Idle Clip

2008 C6 with LS7/Vengeance Cam Kit Idle Clip

VRX6 Camshaft/Bolt Ons C5 Z06 Drivability

VRX6 C5 Z06 Start Up/Idle Clip

Vengeance Racing Stage II LS3 Camshaft

C6 Z06 Idle Clip with OE Catback/DMH Cutouts

Vengeance Racing 496 Cubic Inch 2002 SS Camaro

440 LSX Idle Clip for Customer

360° View of SlowETz Pro Street Camaro

G8 GT Idle Clip with Vengeance Camshaft

383 TT C5 Z06 10PSI First WOT
Customers first drive in his built Z06 10PSI= 740RWHP
through a built A4 Transmission.
His wife takes her first ride.
Warning: Not Work Safe!

Red WS6 408 Iron
Full weight 408 Stroker tapping the limiter on the 2/3 runs [email protected] on a 1.53 60ft

Ride Along in APS Twin Turbo C6 Z06
Short burst down an exit ramp with the customer on his first drive 6lb setting making 640/630 to the tires Pump gas/no meth

Idle Clip APS C6 Z06 Twin Turbo
Vengeance Racing Custom Turbo Cam B&B; Catback

C6 A6 TTi 402 powered by Vengeance
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2008 C6 LS3 427 Idle Clip
Stage II LS3 Camshaft

Mild 427 Stroker in FULL WEIGHT Camaro SS
Vengeance Built 427/M6/Full Weight..... Car ran a best of 10.71 today, but I missed the pass on video... You can see how the car is all over the track on this 10.90 pass.....

08 C6 LS3 with Vengeance Racing Stage II LS3 Camshaft shakedown pass!!!
Vengeance Racing Stage II camshaft/Longtubes/Bolt ons.... 1.95 60ft!!! Looking for 10s with more traction and a lil quicker shifts ;)

427 LSX NA Shakedown run @ Commerce Ga

454 LSX/TH400/Neil Chance 4400 Stall/Moser 9"/4:33 Gears/28" Slicks/Nitrous Outlet Direct Port 200/100 Dual Stage

Vengeance Racing Custom Cam/TrickFlow 235 in action
C5 427 Corvette with Vengeance Racing Custom Camshaft/TrickFlow 235cc Cylinder Heads/Vengeance Ported FAST 92 NATURALLY ASPIRATED

GMC Syclone with LS2 Heads/Cam by Vengeance Racing

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